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Felt Coasters Set of 4 – Greys


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Coasters that work!
Wool is the most hygroscopic of all natural fibers and naturally hydrophobic. Keeping your table dry as it repels water.
A coaster should be 3 things: beautiful, functional and enduring. Representing coasting at its finest, felt coasters do all that. It’s science. When felt absorbs moisture from the surface it follows the long, densely felted merino fibers out to the edges where it evaporates. Surfaces remain dry, ring-free and grateful. That’s exactly what a coaster that works should do, over and over again, without sticking to your glass or losing its looks.  We make those.

These coasters are the highest quality German merino wool felt coasters on the market today. Their clean and minimal execution offers an unexpected textural and refined modern heritage element to any home decor. Set includes 6 hand-cut heavy duty 5mm thick wool felt coasters to provide extra surface protection.

What happens if I spill something on my felt coasters?
Don’t panic. The merino wool does not take color easily and most stains can be removed with a little soak, a rinse and an absorbent towel.

Water will not damage felt. In fact, the material is able to wick away large quantities of moisture - which is why our coasters are so popular!

Wine, oil, and food:

  1. Wet the spot well with a mix of warm water and light detergent until saturated
  2. Massage the stain lightly to break up fibers - wait 2-3 minutes
  3. Pat – don’t rub - the area firmly with absorbent paper towel to remove moisture
  4. Repeat 1-3 as necessary till stain visibly lightens
  5. Rinse and repeat until detergent clears
  6. Pat (again, don’t rub!) surface well and lay flat to dry