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Thomasin Healing Evening Grosbeak Greeting Card

5 x 7″, blank inside


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Every autumn just before the equinox, Thomasin Healing, the Evening Grosbeak, meets with Ford Buckminster Beaver to go through his kindling inventory. He makes a habit of leaving his premium stock aside for her, and rightfully so: this particular wood is to build a very particular fire. One that will withstand the wind and snow and cold of even the most severe winter. Using her little wings as bellows and adding kindling as necessary, she keeps the fire alight through the season, with everyone taking as they need to warm their home, heat their water, and roast their vegetables.

As the winter turns to spring, the fire is extinguished save, for next year, one candle's worth that Thomasin keeps on her window sill. It is a reminder of the eternal nature of things and the power of something so subtle and elusory.

5 x 7", blank inside