Puck Louy Emperor Penguin & Gaucho Greeting Card

5 x 7″, blank inside


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Vacuum-powered tubes, chutes, and slides in varying sizes and colours cover the walls and line the ceiling, dropping down here and there to deliver or receive parts and product.  Myriad bells; whistles; chimes; lights, all in pastel hues and perfect pitches, alert the dedicated team to updates and notifications.  Order in, order up!  The team, of course, is a veritable waddle of Emperor Penguins, all happily marching in time to the rhythm and system the factory creates.  All led by the wonderful, joyful, mirthful Puck Louy Emperor Penguin: Head Toymaker.

When their chick was born, his parents say he had such a twinkle in his eye; his playful energy radiated.  They named him Puck, after Shakespeare’s mischievous Robin Goodfellow, king of the sprites.  Turned out that the older Puck got, the more playful he became, a sort of Benjamin Button of the spirit.  And he just loved creating and building things that would allow others to share in this joy.  So, he started The Felicity Factory and got right to business...of making toys.

The plant now hums; the enterprise known for creativity and quality.  Looking on, one wouldn’t expect a rookery of penguins, with their paddle-like wings, to be well suited to crafting delicate toys or mastering fine detail work, like painting racing stripes on miniature cars or sewing tiny button-eyes on adorably fuzzy teddy bears.  Perhaps, but this is completely outweighed by their fastidiousness and love of system.  When orders flow in, Gantt charts and dielines cover every single penguin’s station, each with workflow timelines and instructions.  But make no mistake, there is a palpable élan-vital, a brio, in and through the workshop.  The presence of system allows tasks to move methodically, so each and every doll, game, puzzle, model train, stuffed animal….every single everything….is built accurately with skill and precision and team member can focus on putting heart and soul inside.  This is not mass production, it is community involvement.  Puck has created a place where efficiency doesn’t simply create more product, it creates more joy.  And he knows there can always be more of that.

5 x 7", blank inside