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Bennett Bitters – Exorcism

Helps detoxify the body and strengthen immunity.


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Inspired by the rituals of medieval exorcisms. A unique and complex aromatic, deep with molasses and delicate touches of stone fruit. Exotic cubeb pepper greets the palate, soars on the wings of angelica root, and bursts into a floral bouquet. Exorcism Bitters will impart cocktails with warm, dark, and sensual notes that conjure thoughts of sacred potions.
How to use:
For flavoring, start by dashing 1-2 droppers into your food or beverage. Add more if stronger flavor is desired.
For health, dash 1-2 droppers directly into the mouth as needed.
Mix 1-2 droppers with 1 cup of water. Add spritz of lemon for added flavor and health benefits.
*Recipe booklet included!
FLAVOR PROFILE This unique blend of herbs leaves lingering, flavors of pepper, molasses, and stone fruit. Richly aromatic with astringent bitterness. Optimal in cocktails in need of dark, warm, and sensual notes.
TRY EXORCISM BITTERS IN Old Fashioned, Gimlet, Dark and Stormy, or Arnold Palmer
PAIR WITH cognac, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka, cream soda, grapefruit, lime, pomegranate, raspberry, vanilla
HEALTH PROFILE The botanicals found in Exorcism Bitters were historically used in medieval exorcisms. It cannot be a coincidence that these herbs were also traditionally used to fight and prevent colds and their symptoms. Long associated with protective powers, these plants combat evils of the spiritual and pathogenic world.
INGREDIENTS Cubeb is an aromatic stimulant that relieves inflammation and congestion. Yarrow has strong protective and healing properties. It fights infection and relaxes the digestive system. Meadowsweet soothes pain and promotes immune support.
+ Detoxify the body +
+ Ease physical pain +
+ Strengthen immunity +

"Bitters and tincturing have a long and rich history. We choose to honor that history by producing our bitters completely machine free and by hand. We source herbs that are either wild or completely untouched by chemicals and genetic modification. In doing so, we ensure our bitters are crafted in the most respectful way possible." - Joseph and Yana, founders of Bennett Bitters.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Cubeb Berry, Angelica, Meadowsweet, Anise, Yarrow, Turbinado Sugar
Small batched and hand bottled under the full moon.
Retail size: 60 ml / 2 fl oz