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Bennett Bitters – Wild Hunt

Helps relieve digestive issues and calm nerves.


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Inspired by forest bathing and the timeless folklore of forests. Wild Hunt Bitters immerse you deep into the roots and moss of the forest floor. They guide you on an adventure through herbaceous aromas to discover enchanted places amongst the ferns and flowers. This forest flavor will renew you and your palate with tranquility and vitality.
How to use:
For flavoring, start by dashing 1-2 droppers into your food or beverage. Add more if stronger flavor is desired.
For health, dash 1-2 droppers directly into the mouth as needed.
Mix 1-2 droppers with 1 cup of water. Add spritz of lemon for added flavor and health benefits.
*Recipe booklet included!
FLAVOR PROFILE An earthy blend of wild and exotic herbs combined with a fragrant mixture of old world blossoms. Mossy and floral with notes of apple and cinnamon. Best for cocktails in need of herbaceous, woodsy, and natural flavors.
TRY WILD HUNT BITTERS IN Daiquiri, Moscow Mule, French 75, or Rob Roy.
PAIR WITH bourbon, gin, vodka, black pepper, cucumber, honey, lemon, maple, rosemary, thyme, seltzer
HEALTH PROFILE Packed with the flora of the forest, Wild Hunt Bitters contain the healing power of the natural world. Flavor and aroma relax the mind and body by reminding it of the gentle stillness of the forest. Ancient remedies of Icelandic moss and devil’s club root strengthen and heal the body while wild flowers relax and soothe the gut and nervous system.
INGREDIENTS Devil’s Club Root is a powerful blood sugar regulator and highly effective for skin conditions, joint pain, and lung support. An herb of protection, it has long been honored by indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. Passionflower calms the nerves and helps maintain emotional balance. Chamomile soothes the digestive system and relieves pain.
+ Curb food cravings +
+ Alleviate anxiety +
+ Relieve digestive issues +

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Devil’s Club Root, Icelandic Moss, Chamomile, Passionflower, Life Everlasting, Turbinado Sugar
Small batched and hand bottled under a full moon.
Retail size: 60 ml / 2 fl oz