Stella AlmaGemela Javelina Greeting Card

5 x 7″, blank inside


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Stella AlmaGamela Javelina was born a fiercely independent tomboy. She’d be all harnessed up in a race to the tippity-top of the Canyon wall, squealing as she sailed all the way back down to a first place finish. She never minded getting more than a bit dirty in a championship bog war, slinging more than she was taking. And she would lose herself in the hardware store - at least weekly, and always in the power tool aisle…coveting.

But, the day she met Harvey Curranhall Bison, her softer side made an unexpected appearance. He makes her giggle, and blush, and feel positively giddy. He makes Stella sparkle. She loves how, without diminishing her power and strength, rather, in championing it, he shows Stella that she doesn’t have to be everything to be something…special.

Harvey has also taught her the beauty of being part of a team, trusting and knowing he has her back. He tells her the truth when it is hard to say and hard to hear. He protects her and keeps her feeling safe, allowing her the freedom of vulnerability. With just a smile, a shoulder, an ear, he takes care of her to her very soul, and she, him.

Stella and Harvey love spending every moment possible together. They are so close that not even a figurative ray of sunshine could squeeze between them (though it always seems to be shining on them…). But Stella, being a tiny pip of a javelina, having tiny little javelina legs and a tiny little javelina gait can hardly keep up with Harvey and his herd of bison which, bison being bison, are always on the move. So, Stella and Harvey built a custom hang glider, sized to fit, and perfect for dipping and swooshing over the North Rim Plains. Now, with Harvey right there as they journey together, Stella soars.

5 x 7", blank inside