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Otis Idlewood Florida Softshell Turtle Greeting Card

5 x 7″, blank inside


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If there is a queue - for anything - you'll find Otis Idlewood Florida Softshell Turtle smack in the thick of it, totally content. Because Otis believes that patience is a virtue.

But it's not simply about patience, it’s about taking time. Otis relishes the pause on the beach before his afternoon swim, the sun warming his shell and offering a meditative transition from the work day to his evening time. At the grocery store checkout, he makes sure there are at least eleven items in his cart. Otis will firmly attest that the express lane simply moves too quickly to exchange favourite recipes and cooking tips. He always jockeys into the senior line at the bank, at noon hour, no less, making more friends there than he can count. Insomuch, he has a jam-packed social register booked solid clean through next spring. And nothing delights him more than the sound of hold music when calling customer service. The nondescript melodies let him just sit and be, a state of mind and body that has become rare these days.

Rather than doing fifty things at once, all a mile a minute, Otis prefers to slow down and make each moment matter. Living deeper instead of broader.

5 x 7", blank inside