Annie Hastings Eastern Leopard Frog Greeting Card

5 x 7″, blank inside


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Annie Hastings is an optimist in broad strokes, but she lives in the details. So, she can always find something to stress about. Upon meeting Annie, most think she is carefree and easygoing; friends know better. At least once a week, Fin Laramie, the temperate Florida Panther gently whispers, with a knowing twinkle in his eye: “No te ahogues en un vaso de agua’; don’t drown in a cup of water”. Sage advice. Her favourite way to still her mind and put a smile on her face is to go down to the creek and wade at the shoreline with the loveliest, gooiest clay squishing between her toes. A milky trail flows downstream, marking her spot. She springs off to retrieve her old faded-to-pink wash basin, returns to collect her treasure of pure potential and heads to her studio.

Inspired by the beautiful surroundings and stimulated by the haul, the clay is always on her potter’s wheel the moment she is in the door, throwing and turning the most delicate dinnerware. Annie loves combining form and function, pleasure and utility. After the dishes cure, she paints scenes from the landscape, and puts a tiny initial on the bottom of each. Then, she’ll brew up some soothing sweet gale tea, pour it into one of her newly crafted teacups, and climb inside for a quick little post-creative soak. And not drown in it.

5 x 7", blank inside